How the Automotive Industry is Staying Ahead of the Curve with Digital Marketing


The automotive business has staked a powerful claim on innovative promoting tactics and the proof is within the sales. High thought purchases sort of a vehicle typically need totally different methods than smaller, happening purchases, however, the trends seen in automotive marketing area unit getting down to ensue in different industries.

Personalization at each flip

One key distinction within the automotive business could be a really customized digital expertise. Several marketers tend to concentrate on customers solely when they reach a degree in their client journey once they are near creating a sale. Automotive, on the opposite hand, nurtures customers from the start of the shoppers’ journeys and creates a customized expertise throughout the client journey. For example, a client could begin the thought stage by visiting associate degree automotive web site to analysis a vehicle.

Thereafter, that specific model of interest then reappears on their Facebook news feed, is served in a very show ad, or enclosed with a special email supply. The automotive business is concentrated on connecting a consumer’s expertise across all of the digital platforms they use that successively helps customers feel additionally engaged throughout multiple bit points. Customers have full-grown to expect that brands deliver messages tailored to their interests, and that is why personalization is therefore necessary. Read more.

Cross-Generational promoting

The automotive business has relevancy to audiences from age sixteen to seventy six and beyond–that’s a large age vary and a large array of the way during which audiences could act with the business. That is what makes demographics therefore necessary, notably among the context of personalization. Automotive marketer’s area unit perpetually searching for new ways in which to attach with potential customers, understanding that their digital methods ought to be ever evolving supported their target demographic. For example, think about the distinction between promoting to Baby Boomers and Millennials within the automotive house. Each warrant a powerful digital strategy, however, those methods play out is totally different, and justly,therefore.

About seventy six million Americans will presently be classified as Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964), and three out of four of them use the web, in keeping with bench analysis. This implies that despite stereotypes of associate degree older generation with no interest in or understanding of the digital house, Baby Boomers are literally quite active online–in reality, a 3rd of all on-line and social users determine as Baby Boomers. The key to reaching them lies in understanding their priorities, just like the want for luxury and safety in a very vehicle, and architecting a promoting strategy to achieve them.


The thought of a large age varies permits the automotive marketingbusiness to actually make the most of each side of the digital house, personalizing it for his or her audiences in a very means that a narrower scope of demographics might not enable. Whereas not each business is therefore extremely relevant to each demographic underneath the sun, they’ll still learn from the techniques presently getting used by automotive marketers. Ultimately, the automotive business is not only maintaining with promoting trends, it’s setting the trends and different industries area unit taking notice. Learn more at: 

Marketing Ideas for Selling Cars

The rise in the use of technology meant a complete shift in the way marketing is done. Automotive marketing agencies have therefore developed a marketing strategy to counter the customer’s massive knowledge on what they want way before they get to your door with the aim of buying a new car.

Marketing Ideas for automotive dealership

Make use of video walk around

This is a cheap way to showcase your vehicles whereby a knowledgeable salesman who knows everything about your vehicles tries to lure the potential buyers as the video is being shown to them around the town or city. Then you can post the video on your website, social networking website and you tube to get more clients. Remember to post how to videos on the car website as this will offer potential buyers with information.

Make use of social media

Social media has proven to provide ways to connect with potential buyers. As an automotive digital marketing agency, you should own a Facebook page or have an active twitter feed to alert your potential buyers of the arrival of new stock and information about existing vehicles. Blogging also offers another platform where questions may be answered and the buyer can also answer various questions without feeling obligated to do so.

Advertising the traditional way

Assuming money is not a problem you can buy space in the local newspapers, pay for some time on television and radio as this will reach a wider range of people.

Have a wider sales team

When using referrals, you could make more sales than expected. Find any other auto related business like vehicle mechanics give them your business cards asking them to refer your automotive dealership to their clients for a commission when they buy a new car or pre- owned car.

Offer bonuses

Human brains are often attracted to free merchandise don’t forget to use this opportunity to your advantage. The example you could offer free car wash for a duration at a nearby car wash centre. Another way would be to offer rewards for a limited time to car buyers for a certain competition this will consequently increase sales while offering good publicity.

Take the advantage of converting repairs to sales

Auto dealer marketing that offers their customers maintenance and repairs services have a chance to advise on the need to buy a new car or buy a pre-owned car easily. You can also take this time to offer your customers a discount for buying a car as the money they would have been using to repair is now used on buying a new car.

Offer people a test drive incentive

Many people will want to enter your showroom, allow them the chance every so often and use your website blogs and social media to advertise for a chance to test drive competition and offer car accessories or a vacation for the winner. This will get the word out and make your potential buyers actually buy.

In conclusion

Most auto dealership marketing and automotive marketing agencies have been blamed for not being legit you are therefore safe if you apply for accreditation from your local better business bureau meaning your details will be stored in their directory and every time you want to offer information to your potential buyers produce your accreditation certificate to win their trust.

Used Car Dealers or Private Sellers – Where Should You Buy Your Pre-Owned Vehicle?

used car busines

Used car dealers were the primary source for purchases on these vehicles, meaning that fewer people bought from independent or private sellers. It is true that you can save money by buying from a private seller, but what are some other pros and cons that you should consider before you purchase? Here are some things to keep in mind whether you are visiting a dealer marketing or private seller.

The best reasons to buy from a dealer are:

  • You can haggle with them and get better results. There’s a better chance you can get closer to the price that meets your budget.
  • They don’t have staff of sales people who work on commission, so there are no high-pressure sales pitches. However, keep in mind that this could also be a drawback, because they aren’t trained professionals, either. They don’t know all there is to know about the make or model of the vehicle like used car dealers do.
  • They usually have lower starting prices.
  • They can give you a better history for the vehicle and a better idea of what it has been through under their ownership.

Now that you know the upside of buying from private sellers, here are some of the disadvantages of dealing with them.

  • They are bound by law to certain selling procedures. You are less likely to be scammed or sold a lemon. Although most states have Lemon Laws to protect citizens, it’s still a burden and time-consuming when you buy one. get some news at
  • They will usually provide such warranties, even to those used cars.
  • They basically offer financing for your car.
  • You can then easily contact their personnel if problems occur.
  • Their vehicles were inspected through certified trained well-versed technicians.
  • Some offer certified pre-owned options, which means the manufacturer or another reputable party has ensured that certain standards are met prior to resale.
  • You can get assistance from them with titling and registration. You will not have to make an extra trip to the DMV.
  • There is a variety of vehicles in one location and you have more room for price negotiation with salespeople.

From this list, it may seem like buying from an auto dealer marketing seems like the best choice. However, you should also keep in mind the positive side of buying privately. As with any situation, it’s best to gather all the facts before you take the plunge and buy. For private purchase, here are the upsides to what they might offer.

used car busines

  • You are probably going to be dealing with someone you do not know at all who is not bound to Federal Trade Commission rules.
  • There are no warranties on the vehicle. You will be purchasing the vehicle “as is.”
  • Private sellers will not offer any trade options.
  • There are no financing options: It’s cash and carry or you’ll have to get a loan at your bank.
  • You will have to submit all finance—and title-related paperwork on your own, and you’ll have to make the extra trip to the DMV to do it.
  • You are on the seller’s time for when you can test drive and take a look at his vehicle.

Be sure you are armed with all the facts for purchasing from either used car dealers or private citizens. Then, decide which is most logical and will fit your needs. Again, there is no right or wrong choice, but if you make an uninformed decision, you could have a vehicle on your hands that you can’t drive and you can’t get rid of either.

Seven Reasons to Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle

car dealer

For obvious reasons, pre-owned cars have always said to be a less expensive compared to brand new cars. As such, they were far more popular with cash-strapped buyers during the recession. However, as demand rose faster than supply during those years, the price of used cars reached an all-time high. Between 2007 and 2013, the cost of the average, secondhand ride surged by 18 percent. That trend continued in 2014, with an increase of 5.1 percent. But now, after seven consecutive years of growth, many experts believe prices will soon fall back down. checkout this latest blog posted at

If you are tired of pouring good money after bad into that old vehicle of yours, maybe now’s the time to finally give it up and go for something newer. But, in today’s tough times, who can afford to purchase a car fresh off the lot? The truth is, going with pre-owned makes great sense: Not just in this sour economy, but in any economy! Here are seven reasons to buy a pre-owned ride from your local trusted car dealership.


  1. Many dealerships offer warranties and other protections that a private party cannot or will not.
  2. That “new car” smell doesn’t last long and it’s not worth the cost of buying new. A gently-used pre-owned vehicle, once detailed by the dealership’s in-house cleanup team, will give you that “new car” look at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Used cars are every bit as reliable as new ones if they have been carefully inspected before being resold. You will get this service from most marketing agency, but probably never from a private owner.
  4. A new auto loses lots of dollars in such values for as long as you drive that car off so much. When you buy pre-owned, you simply don’t take that hit. visit their official website for more details.
  5. You will pay much less for insurance and registration with a used car as opposed to brand-spanking new.
  6. When you buy from a dealership, you have immediate access to CARFAX vehicle history reports so you can reliably know exactly what you’re getting.
  7. Buying a pre-owned vehicle from a dealership gives you another financing option: When you buy from a private party you’ll have to deal with the hassles at your bank or credit union.

car dealer

The number one reason why people like purchasing pre-owned vehicles is saving money. But if you don’t purchase yours from the right place, you could be right back in the same money pit you were in with your old car. Pre-owned is smart, but protect yourself by purchasing from a trusted dealership.

In conclusion, the choice between new and pre-owned vehicles is an easy one. An auto from a used car dealer will give you the same level of reliability and safety as new cars. Pre-owned vehicles, on average, cost less than half the price of new ones and depreciate significantly less. If you are interested in getting the same features as a new auto but for less money, then the pre-owned market is for you. Talk to any dealer marketing for more information.

3 Things to Check When Buying Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

used cars

When it’s time to make the leap to a new car, certified pre-owned vehicles can be a great option for finding a car or truck for a tight budget. Do your research ahead of time, talk to your dealer marketing about your needs, and with their help, you’ll be well on your way to a purchase you can be happy with for years to come.

Whether you are buying a pre-owned vehicle for the first time, or if this is your time in making a switch, purchasing for a certified and trusted pre-owned car or vehicles could be a very smart way in putting you up again on the wide road without putting your budget to harm. When you’re ready to start looking for a new (to you) car, truck, or minivan, do your research ahead of time so that you can pick the best vehicle for your needs and make sure to ask these three questions before heading to the lot:

  1. How will my insurance be affected?

There are many insurance agencies that will offer lower rates for certified pre-owned vehicles that are rated safer on the road than others. When selecting a new car, talk to your insurance agent to see if there are special rates you should know about ahead of time before you purchase a new car. If you’ve been a longtime customer in good standing with your agency, they might also be able to offer you an additional discount. Also, make sure that safety features like airbags, alarm systems, and rearview cameras are factored into your insurance rate, as they may knock your premium down. learn additional tips on this website.

  1. What specifics do I need in my car?

used cars

There are so many options and things that come standard in certified pre-owned vehicles, that it can be overwhelming to think about when deciding what it is you’re looking for in your next vehicle. Before you go car shopping, though, make a list of “deal breakers” and “nice to haves” so that you can speak with your auto dealer marketing about what you would like to have in a car and what you cannot do without. This can help your dealer pinpoint a curated selection of cars and save you time in your search. Remember to keep things like your family situation, regular commutes, and weather patterns in the back of your mind when deciding what features will be important in your next car or truck. read the latest news at

  1. What is my budget?

Purchasing certified pre-owned vehicles can run the gamut when it comes to prices and searching for the best deal for you may take some time. Make a plan, decide ahead of time what your budget is, and figure out if you will allow for a little wiggle room or if your price is firm. Remember that additional costs down the road like upkeep, oil changes, and new tires will need to be a consideration, so make sure those are part of the budget, too. Always make sure that your budget is in your limit.

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